HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisors

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has registered Ph.D professors of Pakistani universities as HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisors, all these professors's list is available at HEC's website. Now student can check HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisors in a particular field and university/degree awarding institute of Pakistan.

According to Higher Education Commission of Pakistan:

"The approved PhD supervisor program was initially started by the University Grant Commission. Eventually, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) became principal agency responsible for evaluating and approving faculty and researchers as PhD supervisor. However, PCST's emphasis was only on the discipline of Science and Technology. It was in February 2004 when the whole program was taken over by Higher Education Commission. The HEC Approved PhD Supervisor is the requirement for those scholars who have been awarded HEC scholarships"

The specific objective of this program is to identify the well-qualified, experienced and active Researchers/Scholars among the faculty member of HEC recognized Universities/Degree Awarding Institutions (DAI’s) and R&D Organizations faculty members to act as PhD supervisors for doctoral students funded under various HEC PhD Scholarship Programs.

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan divides all approved Ph.D supervisors in 12 categories/fields.
  • Agriculture Sciences (544)
  • Biological Sciences (676)
  • Chemistry (327)
  • Computer Sciences (178)
  • Earth Sciences (23)
  • Engineering (491)
  • Management Sciences (110)
  • Mathematics / Stat (205)
  • Pharmaceutical and Bio-medical Sciences (120)
  • Physical Sciences (176)
  • Physics (149)
  • Social Sciences (451)
There are total 3450 HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisors in Pakistani Universities in all fields.

To find out HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisors click on the following link

Last updated: 27-12-2012
Source: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan

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